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Best asian gambling movies

Best asian gambling movies casino on net free download

Very dark film with some humorous moments.

It also shows poker as a respectable and even noble pursuit. Watch this brilliantly-filmed scene shot in the desert where Joe Pesci gives Robert De Niro a lecture filled with f-bombs:. Matt Damon plays a New York City college student who discovers a natural talent and intense passion for hotel casino job playing. Enjoyable movie which includes an amusing poker game scene with Cage, James Caan, and Jerry Tarkanian as one of the players. Thank you for sharing your email!

So, I just rewatched 'God of Gamblers' and 'The Conman' and I am craving recommendations: HKMDB discussion: best HK gambling movies. Gambling Movies and TV Series. King of Mahjong Movie Poster, chinese movie, King of Mahjong Best Chinese Action Comedy Movies. Wong Jing, the godfather of Chinese gambling movies, returns for another I make use of my past insight - of his tricks and his best qualities.

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